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LeanGain Training Program for Men
  • LeanGain Training Program for Men


    Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? The LeanGain 12-Week Training Program is designed specifically for men who want to build muscle, enhance strength, and achieve sustainable fat loss. This comprehensive program offers a structured and progressive approach to fitness, ensuring you see real results in just 12 weeks.


    What’s Included:


    • Three Phases of Training:

      • Phase 1: Endurance (Weeks 1-4): Build a solid foundation with high-rep, full-body workouts designed to enhance muscular endurance and prepare your body for more intense training.

        • Phase 2: Muscle Growth (Weeks 5-8): Focus on hypertrophy with medium-rep, targeted workouts that stimulate muscle growth and increase overall muscle mass.
        • Phase 3: Strength (Weeks 9-12): Maximize your strength gains with low-rep, high-intensity workouts that push your limits and enhance your power.


    • Detailed Exercise Guides: Each exercise includes step-by-step instructions and high-quality video demonstrations to ensure proper form and technique, making it easy for you to follow along and avoid injuries.

    • Weekly Tracking Sheets: Monitor your progress with weekly tracking sheets that help you keep tabs on your sleep, energy levels, water intake, mood, and overall reflections. Stay accountable and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

    • Warm-Up and Stretching Routines: Comprehensive warm-up and stretching routines to prepare your body for workouts and aid in recovery, reducing the risk of injury.


    Why Choose the LeanGain 12-Week Training Program?


    • Scientifically Backed Progression: Our phase-based approach ensures continuous progress by systematically challenging your body with varying intensities and rep ranges.
    • Flexible and Adaptable: Tailor the program to fit your fitness level and goals. Adjust the number of sets, reps, and training days to suit your needs.
    • Professional Design and Support: Designed by certified personal trainers with years of experience. Get the benefits of a professional training program at a fraction of the cost of personal training sessions.
    • Convenient and Accessible: Access your program anytime, anywhere. The digital format allows you to view it on any device, making it easy to take your workouts with you.
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