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90 Days to Summer Training: Days 3-4

Life can be crazy and you can plan on certain things to happen but you never know what life will throw at you. So as life does I was not able to go to the gym on Day 3 because of severe storms in my area and the threat of tornados in the area. So I had to combine days 3 and 4 together and made a very long day at the gym.

So by day 4, I do not feel all too bad, and the weight and the rep load as not put a toll on my muscles. I believe this is so because I have lowered the weight I was doing by 5-10 Lbs and have also been making it a point to sleep more and drink more water than I have in the past.

The biggest thing that I want to focus on and see from this program is how much does a consistent program contributes to muscle building and overall strength. Before this Program, I would make it to the gym about 3-5 times a week depending on what I had going on in the week. Still, I would at least get an Upper body, lower body, and full body day each week and you could say my physique was a sleeper build which is someone that does not look like they lift until they flex. For a lot of people that is what you would want because you do not have to change clothes size too often during your training as you build muscle but for a Personal Trainer, I want to have definition and have my body match the knowledge that I have of lifting.

So even though I did not work out on day 3 I do want to make it a point not to miss 2 days in a row and to make up that workout the next day along with the other one for that day. This is part of also building healthy habits and wanting to be in the gym. The ideal person for this training program is people that do not enjoy being in the gym but getting started and building habits that translate into making it an enjoyable experience. If you enjoy going to the gym and being there for long periods of time leave a comment and tell me why you like being there.

I also think I will show how many calories I burned at the end of each week instead of daily so that it is a more significant number rather than going up 500-700 each day.

If you are interested in joining this Program with me click below and I will get you set up and ready to show off your body for the summer!

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