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90-Days to Summer Training Blog: Day 1

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Yesterday was the first day of my New Training Program 90 Days to Summer. This Training Program was inspired by the 75-Hard Workout/ Healthy Lifestyle Trend. I wanted to design a program that would keep me accountable to work out every day of the week without putting a huge toll on my body. So the main goal of this program is to keep soreness and inflammation to a minimum so that whoever participates in this program can go on a streak of 90 days f working out at different levels. I have programmed in active rest days on days after heavy workouts and have but in core days because most people find those the hardest (I Know I Do). This Daily blog will be a journal of how the day went and what changes I will make for the next program.

Day one consists of an Assessment Test, Progress Photos, body metrics, and a Shoulder Workout. The Assessment Test is at the beginning of each phase (4 phases) and aims to track your progress of how many reps of basic exercises you can complete. I have included Pushups, Crunches, Jumping Jacks, and BW squats. My goal is to increase the amount of each rep for each workout.

The Purpose of this Program is to improve your aesthetics primarily but it also helps to improve your confidence. I think the big thing about people wanting to work out or live a healthier lifestyle is that it is a hard roadblock because it takes time to get the results we want. We are a society that likes to have things given to us instantly and we don't like to wait for things to come naturally. Fitness and exercise are things that take time you have to put in a lot of work. But doing so pushes us to live better in a physical state but also in a mental state.

The reason for me doing this program is so that I can prove to myself that I can go 3 months and do what is needed because even as a personal trainer there are days that I don't want to go to the gym and I just want to lay on my butt. But when it comes down to it I want to show that I can push myself to do 90 Days of exercise.

Chest/Shoulder Day:

6 exercises: 2 Chest, 2 Shoulder, 2 Core Workouts

This Phase is specifically designed to improve muscle imbalances and improve mind-muscle connection. This was the first workout in a long time that I truly focused on which muscles I was contracting and I could definitely feel the difference even though it was way less weight I could feel the burn in my muscles.

Body Stats:

Body Weight: 197.4 Lbs

Body Fat %: 24.9%

The goal is to lower my Body Weight down to 175 Lbs and to lower my Body Fat % to 12-16% during these 90 days. This will be accomplished by cutting calories and really focusing on the Macros that I am consuming. The goal is to consume 1 Gram of Protein for every pound so I should be consuming around 200 Grams of protein every day. Now I don't know your complete knowledge of nutrition but for most this is the hardest part because it is so hard to consume the right calories and the right amount of macros for your goal.

Total Calories Burned:

In this 55-minute workout, I burned 505 Cals most of the Cals were burned during the strength training section of the workout and this is because it involves the most strenuous part of the workout, and depending on your rest periods you can increase your Heart rate pretty quick and burn more Cals.

Leave a comment below on what you have the most trouble with and share with a friend.

If you want to join this program click below and send to a friend, it is much easier to start a new training routine with a friend that will help keep you accountable of your new fitness journey!

What are your goals for the Summer

  • Look Great

  • Gain Confidence

  • Other

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