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90 Days to Summer: Days 5-7 (Weekly Total)

I have completed the first week of training and I feel the benefits of a consistent workout routine. The biggest benefit that I have noticed is how easy it is to fall asleep. Generally, it can take me 20-30 minutes to fall asleep but I have been falling asleep within 5-15 minutes and have been staying asleep longer. I have also had more vivid dreams while sleeping and have noticed that they last longer.

I have been sore after the first week but that will be worked out after I get a couple more weeks in. Typically you get the sorest after you have worked out in a while or when you do a lot more volume than you are used too. The place that I am most sore is my Legs and my Lower back and that makes since because of the infrequent workouts that I would have with Leg workouts. So it comes as no surprise when they are sore but also my least worked out muscle group.

After doing the second leg day session I did Smith Machine Squats and for the first time I Squated above my weight which for me is a huge deal and I really pushed myself over the past couple of months to get stronger on my back squats. I did 10 reps for 200 Lbs which is 5 lbs more than I weight and then I pushed myself to do 5 reps of 220 Lbs just to see how much I can push. Well all I had in the tank was those 5 reps because I was sure feeling in during that set and did not want to get injured to side line me for the next couple of weeks.

The next goal is to get to 245 lbs but that will not be achieved until later on down the road. I will go back to doing about 50-70% of my max to build the strength which would be 110 - 150 Lbs. I can go higher than that but the goal of this program is not to build strength but to build Muscle and that is best gained in a low to medium weight for higher reps. This whole program is designed for that specific reason but you will also get huge strength gains from this for the main reason of being consistent.

I will weigh myself starting tomorrow morning to see the difference in weight and in body fat percentage. This program is designed to build muscle and boost your metabolism which will help burn more calories and help you lose weight. So if I do not see a huge difference in weight I won't be discouraged but seeing a difference in Body Fat percentage will determine more of how well it is after 1 week, which I will predict right now wont be huge.

Weekly Totals

So after one week, I have burned a total of 5,577 Cals in active Cals. This equals about 1.59 Lbs of fat. But the catch is that muscle weighs more than fat so again the deciding factor will be how much is Body Fat Percentage.

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